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Driving license Switzerland Obtaining a Swiss driving license is a tedious task. First, you must complete a ten-hour first aid course, followed by a theory test. Once you have the provisional driving license, you will have to complete 8 hours of traffic education courses and a few more after receiving your Swiss driving license. The entire process involves a lot of paperwork and you have to deal with local languages such as Italian, German or French. If you fail an exam, your application will be rejected, which may result in further delay in obtaining your coveted document.

You can avoid such problems completely by opting for a fake Swiss driving license. We provide you with a wide range of authentic documents registered in the central database. Check out our services today and let us know your requirements!
No matter what part of the world you live in, you need a valid driver’s license to drive your car or bike. However, the application process is one of the biggest hurdles you will encounter. It’s even worse for people who have recently moved to Switzerland. Fortunately, there are credible document providers who can help you get through the arduous process. Below are some reasons why you should choose it

Swiss driving license

Swiss driving license

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Convenience. What else do you need when you can get your driving license in Switzerland from the comfort of your own home? We do not require physical presence to complete a theoretical or practical exam. Simply tell us your name and other personal information. Our team will emboss the card for you!
Authenticity. Counterfeits don’t mean we’ll get you in trouble. The document you receive from us is just as credible as the original. The officer would never know that you are carrying a fake driver’s license.
Affordability. Sum up the amount you have to pay for a driver’s license as you go through the systematic process and you will realize how affordable we are.
Time saving. The time and effort involved in a centralized process is not worth the hassle. Invest in us and save valuable hours with the guarantee that we will deliver the best in a short time.

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Regardless of whether you have a permanent residence in Switzerland or Germany, you are not allowed to use or hold both driving licenses at the same time. In Germany, the mandatory transfer of the Swiss driving license applies after 6 months of German residence have passed and it becomes invalid. If you move your residence to Switzerland, you must receive your international Swiss driving license within one year at the latest. You are no longer allowed to use or drive with your old driving license and are required to have it rewritten.

But we can also relieve you of this burden. If you would like to continue using a Swiss driving license in Germany despite the expiry of the deadline, this is easily possible using a pseudonym. If you emigrate to Switzerland and would like an immediate, permanent driving license and would also like to keep your German driving license, this is not a problem. In both cases, we will be happy to issue you a Swiss driving license exactly according to your wishes.

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Buy a Swiss driving license and exchange it from Germany – received in just 3 days. If your driving license is revoked, you must submit a medical and psychological examination, also known as MPU, which costs between 400 and 800 euros for the Swiss driving license categories. In the case of traffic offenses under the influence of alcohol or substances, an abstinence test must also be submitted. In most cases, first aid courses, eye tests, practical and theoretical exams and tests also have to be taken. In general, a driving license in Switzerland costs around 3,500 CHF. However, you should keep in mind that each driving lesson costs an average of 90 CHF, a truck driving license in Switzerland costs.

Have you decided to purchase your Swiss driving license online from us? Bites the dust is very easy. Join us and don’t forget to check out what our happy customers have to say. Maybe you’re in a hurry and urgently need a Swiss driving license for your new dream job? Or you work part-time in Switzerland and don’t want to exchange your German driving license or take part in the VKU, as you are of course under time pressure, buy a driving license on account.

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Regardless of whether you are a Swiss citizen or a citizen of another country, anyone can obtain a Swiss driving license from us, and of course also buy a boat license from Germany. Your driving license may have been revoked, in which case it could take anywhere from 6 months to 5 years before you can drive again. Serious offenses can even lead to a lifelong driving ban, where it is possible to buy a Swiss driving license in Germany without a test, Austria driving license validity.

Obtaining a driving license quickly in Switzerland is also not easy; expensive and requires many hours, from emergency aid courses to driving and theory lessons, and therefore requires a lot of time. This is often not possible for a permanent employee to buy a registered driver’s license without a deposit. The emergency aid course alone includes 10 full lessons. Only then can the participant apply for a training license. As is well known, the VKU lessons and practical exams are not easy to pass.