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Driving license Germany. Ask for a driving license and choosing a reputable driving school like ours is crucial for success. The cost of a subscription to take the driving license theory test depends on the location and reputation of the driving school. As a rule, the subscription includes unrestricted access to theoretical lessons in the driving school and the use of a simulator for the theoretical test for the German driving license. For those who cannot afford the fees, some communities offer a program where they will cover up to 80% of the cost of training in exchange for 60 hours of community service for a provisional driver’s license.

After passing the theoretical test, drivers must complete 20 hours of compulsory practice at a driving school. The practical driving test must be passed within three years of passing the theory test and losing your driving license. Up to five attempts are allowed for a provisional driving license. If the fifth attempt is unsuccessful, the driver must start again. During the practical test, drivers must drive for 35 minutes. Passing the test earns the driver six points, exchanging the driving license in Germany, which increases to twelve points after three years of driving experience. However, there is no guarantee for these points, as violations will result in a point deduction.

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Driving license Germany

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For example, using a cell phone while driving results in a two-point deduction, while not wearing a seat belt results in a three-point deduction. A license expires if all points are lost. Driver’s license lost, After five years, drivers can restore their driving license by repeating the practical test. If more than five years have passed, the driving license theory test must be repeated.

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Maybe you have just moved to Germany and your driving license is not recognized in Germany? Many of our newly arrived customers, for example from the USA, where driving licenses are not recognized in Germany, make use of our services. We’ve failed many times due to a lack of concentration and don’t even dare to take the exam anymore. You can easily order a German driving license from home. No exam, no stress, unnecessary time and costs. Even in the event of an MPU (medical and psychological examination) and a driving ban or license revocation, you are welcome to order your new driving license from us.

Order a new driving license in Germany – convenient and safe. At Sternenlicht Driving School we make it easier for you to acquire a German driving license. Our driving licenses correspond 100% to the original. Such as the holograms. Also registered in the official database and you can drive freely with your new driving license in Germany and all countries where it is recognized. You don’t have to worry because it passes every test and you can of course travel with it on vacation, driving license classes.

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Buy German driving license online We produce both real German driving licenses and Austrian driving licenses. For the real driver’s license, we transfer all your data to the state database system. Identical to the real driving license, but all information is displayed in the dekra database. can also apply online to purchase a registered driver’s license.

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